You've probably been reading it wrong.

I know I was for about 20 years!

It's not called The Parable of The Seed, is it?

A better name might even be The Parable of The Soil...

But that's not what it's called either.

It's The Parable of The Sower.

This has always been about The Sower. 

Write that down. 

Ready for your mind to be blown?

Let's review the parable:

The Sower scatters seed in a field.

Some falls on the path and the birds eat it.

Some falls on rocky soil and sprouts up fast but then withers under heat because it has no root.

Some falls among thorns which grow up choking the plant, affecting its ability to bear fruit.

But some falls on good soil and produces a crop 30x to 100x more than what was sown!

That's the whole parable. 

Have you ever done the math?

Most of the seed sown by The Sower isn't fruitful or successful.

Could The Sower be satisfied with 1/4 odds?

Let's try some real numbers. Let's say that The Sower scattered just 24 seeds.

That means only 6 of the seeds scattered fell on good soil.

That means 18 seeds didn't fall on good soil and didn't bear fruit! 

But according to the parable, those 6 seeds bore enough fruit to produce 720-2400 seeds! The Sower emerges with exponentially more fruit (and more seeds) than the mere 18 seeds that seemed lost.

For me, the offerings on this site are a handful of seeds. 

I don't know what's going to find good soil, but it won't be because I'm not Sowing.

What are your seeds? What are you afraid to Sow today?

Can you muster the kind of confidence in the process (faith) that The Sower has? Can you see MOST of your efforts thwarted and still trust that there's an abundance of odds-defying FRUIT in your future?

Seems like The Storyteller is trying to tell us something. 



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