A lifestyle brand obsessed with the idea that our Creativity might be the strongest proof of our Creator.

Our first mission: The Pray Tee.

This idea was born on February 8, 2009 as the unexplainable knot that grew in my stomach every time I read another tweet about the two young celebrities locked in the global cross-hairs of our fame addiction.​ Somehow I felt responsible.

 But that's crazy, right?

I didn't know those two young celebrities, so how could I possibly have stopped it from happening? 


And while there's no excuse for what happened, I felt bad for both of them. 

Maybe it's because I'm someone's big brother. Maybe it's because I'm someone's little brother. Or maybe it's because I live jogging-distance from where it happened and maybe if I had gone jogging that night I would have seen it and stopped it and somehow become a big brother to both of them. 

But here's the thing:

I don't jog.

I pray. 

Do you pray?

Then let's pray for them.