These are the *actual* questions I get most frequently.

Why are you encouraging the worship of celebrities?

Prayer and worship aren't the same thing. Also, it's adorable that you think you don't worship celebrities already.

Do you really expect me to pray for someone who disrespects what I believe?

I didn't invent praying for enemies; Jesus did. 

But then doesn't this encourage famous people to misbehave?

Yup, just like when you run out of gas and someone helps you, it encourages you to run out of gas more often. Or like when you almost get stoned for adultery.

​You don't have the person I want to pray for. Why do you hate the person I want to pray for?​

You can still pray for that person. You can also drop me a line and suggest a new design!

Which well-known domestic abuse program are you donating all the proceeds to?

I see what you did there. 

1. Faith without Works is dead. I work with a handful of outreach organizations and ministries that support the health and safety of women locally and around the world. 

2. The medium is the message. We'll end domestic abuse and every other spiritual ill by  supporting each other to the point that we can't help but overflow with more holy art, resulting in the eventual mass detoxification of hearts and minds.​ This is a big sandwich that we still have to eat one bite at a time.